Undercarriage roughed out

I decided to make the undercarriage out of common redwood 2 by 6s.  I decided this because I have it just laying around.  I designed a deck for a friend and helped him build it.  It is the curse of the handy that friends come around when they need help with a project.  They have another set of friends they ask when they have tickets to the basket ball game.  The plus side is that he let me keep the extra wood.  I happen to like redwood and the only things better than using redwood is using redwood you got for free.  I think it will go well with the LVL top.  You can see from the photo that I have four legs and four stretchers all roughed out.



The Undercarriage Design

I am going to make the undercarriage out of construction 2 by 6 s milled to 1.25″ by 5″  I will laminate them together to make the mortise and tenons.  The legs will be 5″ square. Here is the pieces.