My Vise Screw

I decided I want my bench to have a leg vise.  I really like  the wooden screws.  They have about 2 tpi thread and quickly open and close.  However, a quality new one would cost quite a bit and the cheap ones just lack quality and are not something I would want on my bench.  The best of the lot come from  Lake Erie Tools.  They are made of a very good grade of maple, are a work of art,  but cost  close to $200 for the screw, nut, and handle.  I thought I would have to settle for a Lee – Valley steel screw until I checked eBay.


I found some people that buy broken old benches and salvage the parts.  This is from a bench well over 100 years old and is in very good shape.  When they found out that I intended to actually use it for woodworking and not just hang it on the wall of some pub or boutique, they cut me a good deal.  I got it for $76.35, including shipping.  The tape measure shows that it is 24″ long.  It is such a pretty thing.  A little bit a paint on it but that will clean up.

So far my running total is $176.35


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