I got the top

I agree with the professor that for a top 5″ thick, most any material will work.  I decided on laminated veneer lumber (LVL).  You can think of it as plywood beams, except the the grain in the veneers all run the same direction.  It is extremely expensive.  I went to Craig’s List and found a lumber yard that sells surplus lumber.  They have stacks of everything.  I found a 40 ft 3.5″ by 5.25″ LVL beam for only $100. I had it cut into 6, 74″ pieces.  It is dirty and weathered, as you can see, but I can see the beauty inside.  Nothing an afternoon on the joiner and planer won’t fix


Total is $100.


One thought on “I got the top

  1. Hi Dave,
    Good start. The top will certainly be tough. I hope it finishes well for you .
    In the past I had received some laminated beams but never found a good use for them.
    Perhaps your experience will lead me to a use.
    Thanks for sharing,


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